SEALODY 8 seconds quick heating-up Soldering Station

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  • Upgrade Design & Heats Up Fast: 75-watt soldering iron heats up to standby mode in just eight seconds. The voltage range is 100V to 240V. It has a trinity digital display to show precision temperature. You can press the up/down buttons to set the desired value, which is a thermostat range of 180~450℃(356-842℉).
  • Superior Soldering Tips: The tips have a built-in heating element, which provides fast thermal recovery and a long tip life.
  • Pure Silicone Materials & Portable Design: The soldering iron hand line is made of pure silicone and high temperature material, and internal wires through bold processing. It is lightweight and has a handle design, which enables prolonged use without fatigue.
  • 4-in-1 Full Kit: The SEALODY digital soldering station kit comes with a portable power unit, soldering iron, composite tip and a stand cleaning sponge. It is great for electronics, computer equipment, watch repair, and home do it yourself or other craft projects!
  • User Attention: Please do not touch the soldering tip metal part when the power is turned on. Please turn off the power when resting between usage or finished soldering. Otherwise, the high temperature may cause burns or fires.


①Smart portable design, saving work space
②Slim hand piece with a firm grip, and no fatigue, for long soldering
③The composite tip, which is integrated with a heating element and sensor, offers improved thermo recovery.
④Suitable for various soldering from IC modifications to soldering to power sections.

Type: Soldering Iron
Model: 980E
Material: Metal/Silicone
Solder Tips Series: T12-B
Maximal Power: 75W
Voltage Range(V): 100V~240V
Adjustable Temperature Range: 180-450℃ (356-842℉)
Heating Type: Internal Heating
Product size (L x W x H): 4.7 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches

Package Contents:
1 x SEALODY Soldering Iron Station,
1 x Soldering Iron Handle,
1 x Stand with cleaning sponge,
1 x T12-B Soldering iron tips,
1 x User Manual

109 reviews for SEALODY 8 seconds quick heating-up Soldering Station

  1. Timothy O’Neal

    All functions work great. I lost my manual though and can’t figure out how to switch from F/C.

  2. william wynn

    Great looking setup. Small, lightweight, and easy to use. Turn On, set temp, wait for temp to reach, and use.

  3. Dan Schannach

    I like that it uses the hakko t type tips which are easily swappable and heats up very quick.

  4. Mario Rodriguez

    Very good quality and a very worth while purchase.

  5. Richard W Biberdorf

    I really like how quickly it can heat up to the predetermined temperature. So much in such a small bundle!

  6. Fennec

    I haven’t used it yet. But its certainly of good quality. Doesn’t feel cheap and nasty and the PCB looks well designed.

  7. John Baldassari

    I like the grip on the on the soldering iron and I also like the temperature readout

  8. mohd choudhry

    The soldering iron performs really well, but there is no way to change the tip

  9. Zhixiang Li

    It heat up quick and the Handle, cable was light. Good for longtime work.

  10. Keith Muhs

    Heats up quick, seems to be well made, good bang for the buck

  11. Gerard Gaudette

    This a a super great soldering iron and station. It heats up amazingly fast and has a variable temperature range. The cords are high quality material and long. I highly recommend this unit if you’re looking for a great soldering kit and a fair price!

  12. Levi Schier

    Product seems well built and easy to use.

  13. John Duran

    It is a good product for a great value

  14. Sam Webster

    Love that this is a smaller pen type iron. Really helps with precision!

  15. Brendan

    I haven’t used it yet but it looks good

  16. Doug janson

    The Power settings (P1-5) is nice

  17. Brandon Angelo

    Looks good so far, will add more details when i get them

  18. Jason Hauser

    Works exactly as advertised, I am thoroughly satisfied.

  19. Ahmad Timbo

    So far it’s pretty good I don’t know how well it will work in the long run but so far it’s great!

  20. Bach VU

    It is hot quickly.
    The tip holder is compact & lightweight.


    Nice product, small, extremly fast to heat, easy to carry. Very nice

  22. michael leclair

    This soldering iron is comfortable and very quick to heat up, for the price I paid I could buy 2 cheap ones from department store, (the last 2 I bought were DOA, they didn’t event melt the solder they came with!) So I am very pleased and hope that this works well for my needs.
    This is portable enough that I can take it to my friends house, and I feel that if I drop the pen part it won’t break on me.
    I really love the design, it’s big enough so that I won’t misplace it, and portable though so that I can drop it in my bag and take it to anywhere that has electricity.

  23. Mark Alan Hachtel

    I love the quick heating And the pencil grip makes it really easy

  24. Pavel Yankelevich

    Nice, functional, good for its cost, and serve the needs

  25. Michael Lee

    Works well for the small projects that I use it for.

  26. James Foster

    We will see how it works. Hope the handle doesnt get too hot.

  27. Henry Yacek Jr.

    They required me to rate this 5 stars to get a two dollar gift card.

  28. William Stevenson

    Heats up quick and uses hakko tips!

  29. Raymond Smith

    Works great. Heats up extremely fast and will melt solder within 10 seconds when set to 350c.very rasy to program. The cord is long enough and very flexible. The pnly thing that needs improvement is the iron holder, the iron slips right through and burn your bench if you aren’t paying attention. A good value in my opinion.

  30. Christopher Wikstrom

    The soldering iron works wonderfully. The iron does not fit into the holder, hence the 4 stars.

  31. Dustin Weaver

    No hype real deal 5 stars. I love it it works amazingly good, heats up instantaneous and is ready to go. Just keep it tinned and it will stay going .

  32. Christopher Flynn

    I have not even turned it on yet, so I cannot provide any honest feedback at this time.

  33. Timoty Sparks

    It heats quickly and the tips are easy to change.

  34. Ned Franklin

    It’s a massive improvement over my previous soldering iron. It heats up very quickly and I noticed the quality of my soldering increased due to the even temperature of the tip.

  35. Alex Tawarothip

    Great product heats up very fast easy to control the heat when I am using it.

  36. Eric M Olson

    Looks and functions fine. Think it will do the job!

  37. Matthew Gridley

    I find the item’s performance above expectation for the price.

  38. Perkins

    Nice to have a good soldering iron for a great price

  39. David Felton

    cool design compact and efficient.. great buy

  40. Elizabeth Ivester

    So far I like the soldering iron very well. It heats up quickly is easy to use and is very safe to use as well.

  41. richard wheelrr

    Only had it for a few days now, but so far, so good. Heats fast and is good for micro electronics. Only one tip in the box . Portability for hobby use is a plus. xxxx

  42. Michael Buchhop

    This is a great product and I am happy with my purchase

  43. Ernest Ferro

    Great soldering tool, compact, very fast heating up, temperature control, very light, exchangeable tip elements. Highly recommended for budding electronic engineers.

  44. Bruce Montgomery

    Used first time to soder some very tiny wires together. Worked great. Very impressed!

  45. James Butler

    None at this time, I have only had it 12 hours.

  46. Christof Delhaes

    I just unpacked it. There could be at least one more soldering tip in the box.
    Alternatively it could be offered directly on Amazon.

  47. Walt Silbaugh

    It works as expected and is easy too use.

  48. Ryan Evans

    First iron to actually do what it says it will do

  49. William Mushinski

    So far I like the build quality. I works great for use on the run. I work in a shop were I work on electronics and sometime just need to use a plug in soldering iron. I have other soldering stations that work great in office. but I like the convenience of this iron. It doesn’t take up a lot of room in my tool box either. The length of the cord are a good length. Not short or too long. I’m hoping to get a lot out of this. But the price I paid wasn’t bad either.

  50. Harry Norris

    OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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