SEALODY 8 seconds quick heating-up Soldering Station

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  • Upgrade Design & Heats Up Fast: 75-watt soldering iron heats up to standby mode in just eight seconds. The voltage range is 100V to 240V. It has a trinity digital display to show precision temperature. You can press the up/down buttons to set the desired value, which is a thermostat range of 180~450℃(356-842℉).
  • Superior Soldering Tips: The tips have a built-in heating element, which provides fast thermal recovery and a long tip life.
  • Pure Silicone Materials & Portable Design: The soldering iron hand line is made of pure silicone and high temperature material, and internal wires through bold processing. It is lightweight and has a handle design, which enables prolonged use without fatigue.
  • 4-in-1 Full Kit: The SEALODY digital soldering station kit comes with a portable power unit, soldering iron, composite tip and a stand cleaning sponge. It is great for electronics, computer equipment, watch repair, and home do it yourself or other craft projects!
  • User Attention: Please do not touch the soldering tip metal part when the power is turned on. Please turn off the power when resting between usage or finished soldering. Otherwise, the high temperature may cause burns or fires.


①Smart portable design, saving work space
②Slim hand piece with a firm grip, and no fatigue, for long soldering
③The composite tip, which is integrated with a heating element and sensor, offers improved thermo recovery.
④Suitable for various soldering from IC modifications to soldering to power sections.

Type: Soldering Iron
Model: 980E
Material: Metal/Silicone
Solder Tips Series: T12-B
Maximal Power: 75W
Voltage Range(V): 100V~240V
Adjustable Temperature Range: 180-450℃ (356-842℉)
Heating Type: Internal Heating
Product size (L x W x H): 4.7 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches

Package Contents:
1 x SEALODY Soldering Iron Station,
1 x Soldering Iron Handle,
1 x Stand with cleaning sponge,
1 x T12-B Soldering iron tips,
1 x User Manual

109 reviews for SEALODY 8 seconds quick heating-up Soldering Station

  1. Maksim Ostroukhov

    Handle is very comfortable. For now it’s going to be my favourite iron of all I own. Wish to try it with T13 tip.

  2. Jonnie hoell

    Havent used it, looks to be of quility

  3. Martin Howe

    Great value at a reasonable price

  4. John Gieringer

    It’s lightweight making it easy to use for a long time. It heats up very fast! I like the ability to control the temperature, too.

  5. Andrei Loutchouk

    Iron holder is very dangerous, does not hold the iron well.

  6. Tom calhoun

    It seem to be a good product, would buy again

  7. steven natoli

    I’m having difficulty finding more tips

  8. Larry Billimeyer Jr

    I just used it for the 1st time and it worked great. Heated up extremely fast and the tip is small and precise.

  9. Michael Vanderlip

    Haven’t used it yet other than turning it on and power up. Looks and feels sterdy and well built. Soldering tip a little confusing looks like the white plastic should be removed and instructions a little unclear about what to do, also when replacing the tip you have to get the whole “pen” i’m assuming I wish their was a cheaper alternative… Warmed up quick. Looks Great Without even using it I believe this is my favorite of my many soldering irons.

  10. Richard Mitchell

    It heats amazingly quick. And cools almost as fast. I just wish the instructions were in better English mostly.

  11. Gregory Connors

    Light and easy to control even with cord. Heats quickly and tip provided is sharp for delicate work. Would like holding coil to have smaller opening to stop handle so tip cannot come into contact with working surface/bench/table.

  12. Justin Davidson

    Love the fast heat up and small size. The interchangeable tips are a nice surprise as well. Already recommended it to my dad. No complaints so far.

  13. Ed Zaharis

    Light weight, handy, small just what I was looking for.

  14. John Sokol

    Appears well made and simple to use

  15. Steven Tom

    Perfect upgrade to my old fashion 20yr iron. Great thin tip and handle, flexible cable, accurate and fast temp. 1st solder job and I was immediately impressed!!

  16. McKenzie Burnette

    This is a good product at a great price. It heats up very quickly, and gives you precise control. It loses a star from me though because I don’t think it quite stuck the landing in terms of form. The case, buttons, and pen feel cheap. It’s also messy with very chunky cables and no management for them like velcro wraps or a bag- those are things I’ll need to deal with myself if I’m going to continue using it.
    The extra holder and sponge is nice and accomplishes a lot in its simplicity!

  17. Brent Mirchandani

    Coming from a 30 year old 33W Weller, this is amazing. Calibration is very close right from the box. well made and love the light handle.

  18. Jon Yirka

    We bought it to repair a controller.

  19. Nitai McLeod

    I love its simplicity and how small and portable it is. Solid little unit.

  20. Dale Hall

    Used for several small jobs. I really like the size of the tool. It is very easy to maneuver and pinpoint desired area accurately.

  21. Adam Dean

    It works well for what I needed it to do

  22. Ryan Luke Russell

    It is ni to use and not that difficult to get the hang of.ce

  23. Julio Viera

    Excelente producto muy recomendable

  24. Brian

    Excellent Portable Solder Station, plenty of power at 75 watts.. Tip gets hot within 10 seconds and is ready too solder.. Will recommend to Friends a+++ product !!

  25. Dale Thoms

    Heats quickly, accurate, light and portable. I recommend this product.

  26. Ernesto

    The tip sticks out to far (tip is very long for the body. The base holder does not work properly to stop the iron for falling off the stand and the iron sometimes slides forward and off the holder.

  27. Michael McCarrell

    I love it’s portable design and ability to find tips for it.

  28. Duane Lancaster

    Nice job very nice product very helpful

  29. Phil Lunsford

    It heats up quick and feels well made.

  30. Edward Cable

    It works as described. It really does get up to temperature fast! I like its small size as well. I actually mounted the controller on the wall to save bench space.

  31. Konstantin Pirogov

    I found this soldering station very nice. I like the design, quality of the cable and connector. I like that the station is very compact and powerful due to T12 tip. I have Hakko FX951-66 and I can share its tips with the Sealody station which is nice for me.

  32. Scott Talley

    A beTier users manual is needed. Is ma getting a code of 5-E and have no idea what it means.

  33. Cody Fox

    To soon to tell but I can already say the heat up and recovery time is fantastic. The heating element built into the tip is by far a superior design and have no doubt this has become my primary iron.

  34. Robert Chan

    Solder station is easy to use. I like slim long tip-handle. Sure beats old Weller soldering gun and 40 watt iron. Get better than gun speed and better than iron size. Cable is very soft. Probably never use that 40 year old stuff again.

  35. John F. McCormick

    Very happy with my Sealbody Digital Soldering Station. I bought it to work on guitar electronics and it’s great for that and all other precision soldering projects. Highly recommended.

  36. Roche de Guzman

    Looks good. I just have to test regularly to see if it can withstand its functions!

  37. Thomas Zieroff

    The product is compact and heats up quickly. Tip changes are also very easy. This is a perfect option for mobile technicians.

  38. Patrick Pummill

    The portability of this iron is why I chose it.

  39. James Ogden

    This soldering iron was easy to assemble and easy to use. The Unit does come set to degrees celsius for 5 temperature presets. If you are not accustomed to celsius that you have to switch it. The iron heated up quickly and was quite effective in fixing my broken electrical connection. I did have to hunt for my solder first though.
    Wish that it came with a storage container or bag to keep everything together without reusing the shipping box and maybe starter solder to get going if you don’t have any or forgot to buy some. Happy with my purchase.


    Great solder station. Can’t beat the value of this unit. I have owned a lot of irons and stations and this is right up there with the best in the portable category.

  41. Curtis Lu

    The soldering iron easy to use and set. It is very portable and I like that the heating element/tip can be replaced. The temperature control is easy to use and the screen is easy to read. Coming with a stand makes a world of difference. I can’t wait to do some circuit work.

  42. Jeff Rodgers

    I like the speed of heating the most. The weight of the stand is nice as well.

  43. Kelly Scrichfield

    Heats up quickly, works much better than my old harbor freight iron.

  44. Hans Gunter

    Great soldering iron, perfect for any size projects, i highly recommend. Adjustable heat

  45. Jacqueline Feiring

    Very thoughtful-design for hobbyist only wish Amazon would provide tip replacement option.

  46. Cyd Alcazar

    The digital function is extremely helpful for applications that require a precise and steady temp. It is compact and very easy to use.

  47. Jackson Horne

    Great automechanics soldering station

  48. Wanda McGroarty

    It works great, it does exactly as expected.

  49. Karl bushnell

    I like this configuration as I can hang it up next to my work bench (with slotted holes in back) and easily remove it to go work away from my bench. The cords are light and flexible which helps to keep it stable when working in odd places.
    The presets and speed of heat is spot on. Time will tell if this amazing device can stand the test of time. It appears well constructed with quality minded materials. I was using it 5 minutes out of the shipping box. buttons make sense very easy to use. So far extremely happy with this purchase.

  50. Samuel Wilkerson

    I havent yet used it but I like the design and the price is great.

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