Digital Soldering Station with Pure Aluminum Soldering Stand

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  • What You Get: SEALODY digital soldering station comes with power unit, soldering iron, aluminium soldering stand, brass solder tip cleaning wire and sponge. Suitable for electric repair, home DIY and other soldering project
  • Professional& Easy-to-Use: 55 watts soldering iron heats up to standby efficiently just in few minutes. Press up/down button to set the desired value which is thermostat range 180~450℃. Digital displays to show precision temperature.
  • Heavy Duty& Safety Design: Pure aluminum soldering stand is 18.3oz in weight, 6.4L X 3W X 3.9H inches. Dual safety design protects users form burn, keeps the iron at a good angle, heat dissipation quickly.
  • Strong Clean Ability& Long Use Cycle: Solder tip cleaning wire is made from coils of brass, good for removing excess solder from the tip. Smokeless,tasteless,non-toxic and saves the energy. It also hold the iron and keeps the tips lasting longer.
  • User Attention: Please do not hang the soldering tips; place the tips down when heating. Otherwise there is a risk of dissolved the plastic handle.


SEALODY SSA51 Digital soldering station included soldering iron, Aluminum stand and tip cleaning wire. This product is ideal for a variety of soldering applications, including industrial manufacturing, rework, repairs, home DIY and more.


Power Supply: AC 110V/60HZ

Output Voltage: AC 9V/AC 24V

Maximal Power: 55 watt

Power Cord Length: 59inch

Temperature Range: 180-450℃- (356-842℉)

Package Includes:

1 X On/Off Switch Power Unit

1 X 55 Watt Soldering Iron

1 X Aluminum Soldering Stand

1 X Tip Cleaning Wire

1 X Cleaning Sponge

1 X User Manual

131 reviews for Digital Soldering Station with Pure Aluminum Soldering Stand

  1. Zulu Meadows

    Seems like a good product. I will write an amazon review after a month of use.

  2. Colin

    Built with quality. I like the warranty.

  3. Eric Davenport

    This is the BEST soldering iron/station I have ever had! I think this thing is great for the price!

  4. Justin Rozendaal

    I sorted by price then read customer reviews and was impressed.

  5. Demetria Wood

    I am not sure why I have to leave a review the day I received the product in order to set up the warranty and get a free gift. Lol the free gift in my case was a $2 Amazon gift card.I have not used this product but am trying to activate the warranty. I will leave an actual review when I have used the product.

  6. Justin Cooper

    After initial inspection, everything looks well built. I have not used the soldering station yet, but I have high hopes!

  7. Vincent LePore

    I’ve used many cheap soldering irons before that burn out after just a few sessions. I’ve since decided to become more active in DIY electronics and realized an adjustable, stable, and professional soldering iron would be very important. After reading reviews of the item on Amazon there was no doubt that this was a quality project. Upon arrival I’ve used it 4+ times already and my only regret is that I hadn’t purchased this sooner.

  8. Aleksei

    It looks very reliable. Soldered with it several times – really liked it.

  9. Manuel Rivera

    Well made easy to use alot of options and the price os great as well

  10. David Bottenfield

    The youtube videos made the difference, the Amazon listing is not that great.
    It has F/C and a 3 year warrant which is not mentioned on the amazon listing
    Will have to see how it holds. Would give you a five, but have not had it long enough to really evaluate it and see how it holds up.

  11. Christopher Gregoire

    This is exactly what I was looking for in a soldering iron. Clearly a step up in quality and functionality from anything else in the price range. I look forward to using it while learning about circuit design and construction.

  12. Phil Scott

    This is my 2nd soldering iron and this one is WAY better than my first one. I’m really enjoying using this one. I’m making my own cables for my pedalboard.

  13. Mike Mohr

    Great upgrade from a basic iron.



  15. Anthony Cooper

    I like how sturdy it is. My copper cleaning wool pad did have some plastic snagged in it but other than that it is flawless.

  16. Gary Bahrke

    I like not taking very long to heat up and I especially like the temperature adjustment. The tip cleaning feature is also very nice and convenient. To be honest it blows all my other soldering guns away. Very nice product. Rate it a 10.

  17. Kevin Stephenson

    Great job! Solid quality! Great packaging and very professional design!

  18. Mark Hedl

    Have only had it for a short time but I can say after just a couple uses that it’s of much higher build quality than I expected for the pricepoint. Also really appreciate the shorter barrel of the iron for greater precision / handling. Buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

  19. Gary Donahoe

    Works well I have only used it a couple of times, but it is built well I think it was a good choice and would recommend it.

  20. Jay Harriot

    Seems very solid. Definitely gets hot enough

  21. William Patterson

    Built well, not cheap and gimmicky. Also was packaged very well and to me that shows pride in product.

  22. Don Robert Blumenauer

    I have not used it but this feels like it’s well built and should last me the rest of my life. I’m tired of buying cheap soldering irons that don’t last.

  23. Rick Staples

    I haven’t turned it on yet. Hopefully it will perform as reviews indicated.

  24. T.C.

    This product is one of those rare situations where the purchase can be made with 0% of concern about any aspect of it performing below expectation regarding form or function. Just spot on.

  25. Paco Rivera

    This soldering station is high end for the value.

  26. Robert Wheeler

    Works as expected, good quality

  27. Ray Jensen

    Very easy to setup and use! Has very quality feel. Has all the features wanted.

  28. Timothy Lindsey

    I’m impressed with the build. I’ll know more when I’ve had it a while.

  29. Kenneth Whitney

    Great soldering station for the hobby use. Good quality build.

  30. mike sheridan

    I purchased this product on a recommendation from a friend. I received the station yesterday and set it up immediately and started using it. The soldering station performed better than I expected. I would definitely recommend this product.

  31. John R. Leeman

    Great value product and a great shop soldering iron!

  32. Scott Blyton

    I like that the stand is separate from the power supply. Now it takes up less room on my small desk and I can have the power supply on a bookcase nearby.

  33. Derrick Wilson

    Excellent construction. Great features and outstanding price.

  34. Kendra Dafoe

    the product is very good and has a lot of features

  35. Sameh Abdelmalak

    like the packaging and the mentioned features

  36. Joseph Robin

    So smoooth. Great compared to any other cheap soldering station I’ve used. Looks great, the stand is super sturdy too. Wish it had a way to connect the main unit and the stand together, but that’s not a big deal. Great for home hobbyists or small shops, not sure if it would hold up to heavy commercial usage, but I don’t think that’s most people’s concerns. Heats up super fast and has a good feel.

  37. Paul Bishop

    Solid construction and heats up extremely fast. A great addition to my electronics work area.

  38. Terry Neve

    Great Product Works perfectly It arrived on time and was in perfect condition.

  39. Stephen A Goff

    It’s great and I really loved the price

  40. jeremy W dial

    Made very well a real good value

  41. Ross D. Olney

    Seems very solidly made, and I really like the temperature adjustment.

  42. Steven

    Awesome soldering station! I like it alot.

  43. Matt White

    The only issue I have with the product is that the power cord is not removable. This soldering iron heats quickly and accurately. The stand that it has for the iron is heavy and robust.

  44. Dan Carlson

    Great product, great price. Quality seems very high so far!!!

  45. Kayla Cantrell

    We used the SEALODY SSA51 at STREAMWORKS and loved them. We just bought 12 for our class at Buchanan County Career Technology and Higher Learning Center. We like that they heat up so fast and the convenience of a sponge and cleaning pad. Great product.

  46. John Metzger

    The soldering iron is made of nice, heavy materials.

  47. Randy Joslin

    Excellent product at a great price!

  48. Steven M Machnik

    I had a laser and a few old video game consoles needing repair. I’m a complete amateur, but this thing is so well put together and the temp control and function is so easy, I managed the repairs handily.

    I’m super pleased and will definitely buy again!

  49. Rashid Zaidi

    Like this soldering station for its design and durability.

  50. Andrew Hecht

    Heats up fast. Works great and we love the digital adjustable temperature on the soldering iron set. The set contains everything you need for a professional or beginner.

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