Digital Soldering Station with Pure Aluminum Soldering Stand

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  • What You Get: SEALODY digital soldering station comes with power unit, soldering iron, aluminium soldering stand, brass solder tip cleaning wire and sponge. Suitable for electric repair, home DIY and other soldering project
  • Professional& Easy-to-Use: 55 watts soldering iron heats up to standby efficiently just in few minutes. Press up/down button to set the desired value which is thermostat range 180~450℃. Digital displays to show precision temperature.
  • Heavy Duty& Safety Design: Pure aluminum soldering stand is 18.3oz in weight, 6.4L X 3W X 3.9H inches. Dual safety design protects users form burn, keeps the iron at a good angle, heat dissipation quickly.
  • Strong Clean Ability& Long Use Cycle: Solder tip cleaning wire is made from coils of brass, good for removing excess solder from the tip. Smokeless,tasteless,non-toxic and saves the energy. It also hold the iron and keeps the tips lasting longer.
  • User Attention: Please do not hang the soldering tips; place the tips down when heating. Otherwise there is a risk of dissolved the plastic handle.


SEALODY SSA51 Digital soldering station included soldering iron, Aluminum stand and tip cleaning wire. This product is ideal for a variety of soldering applications, including industrial manufacturing, rework, repairs, home DIY and more.


Power Supply: AC 110V/60HZ

Output Voltage: AC 9V/AC 24V

Maximal Power: 55 watt

Power Cord Length: 59inch

Temperature Range: 180-450℃- (356-842℉)

Package Includes:

1 X On/Off Switch Power Unit

1 X 55 Watt Soldering Iron

1 X Aluminum Soldering Stand

1 X Tip Cleaning Wire

1 X Cleaning Sponge

1 X User Manual

131 reviews for Digital Soldering Station with Pure Aluminum Soldering Stand

  1. Matthew Daniels

    Seems like a solid soldering station that I will get lost of use out of for a long time. I’ll be looking for other products of yours in the future

  2. Pau B Sang

    This product comes with two soldering tips. The heating is really fast and ready to be used in minutes. I love this product and recommends for others as well.

  3. N

    Professional quality for amateur price

  4. Ken Larsen

    Great so far seems to be good quality!

  5. Jonathan Lee

    It heats up pretty fast (in about 20 sec). Great quality and well designed. It came on time and well packaged. No issues so far.

  6. Vance Baronowski

    It is a quality unit. The build is solid and the detachable iron is nice.

  7. John Pestick

    Thank you again, looking forward to using this soldering station for years to come

  8. Brian Arasim

    Nice solid soldering station. Heats quickly and holds temp well.

  9. Ismael A. Garcia

    Very well made product. Works flawlessly. Great design and heats up quickly. The display is in Celsius but it is easy to convert to Fahrenheit if needed. Awesome soldering station!

  10. Alec Lowery

    This is actually the second soldering station that I have from your company. I really enjoy the design and the clean look of the unit. It looks great on my workbench. I have used it for board repair, radio wiring harnesses and I always use this thing first because I works so well.

  11. Cameron Scott Hegwood

    Very premium feel and build. Also super comfortable to use for long periods of time.

  12. Andrew Scott

    The aluminum soldering stand is exceptional. I’m glad that I chose a solid metal stand instead of a cheaper plastic one, which tend to be wobbly. The station itself is very easy to use, having just two buttons and a switch. There is one problem: SSA51 V01 Instruction Manual doesn’t explain how the CAL plug works.

  13. Daryl

    it’s great I read reviews on others but I made my choice and went with sealidy

  14. Greg Frawley

    Works as expected. Heats up fast. No problems and I am pleased with it.

  15. David Schworm

    So far so good. I really like this station. It heats up fast and works better than expected for it’s price.
    Im really liking it so far !

  16. Larry Craddock

    I had another unit just like this one but I broke the ceramic heating element in the handle and could not find a replacement. I finally gave up looking and just bought another unit. It works great but it would be nice if replacement parts were available.


    Bought to replace my 15 year old HAKKO unit. Reading many reviews about many products and your soldering station shows as best. I have been using for almost 12 hours building circuits and it is great. Fast heat and constant temperatures make this a great unit.

  18. Josue Nadal

    Great quality!
    Especially love the aluminum stand.

  19. Jason blair

    Quick heat up and super easy to use love the digital read out

  20. Michael Parks

    The soldering station is pretty solid in the time I’ve used it. Heats quickly and is very manageable – I’m not fighting my tools, I’m just soldering and getting things done.

  21. Blake Beard

    It is a good soldering iron especially at the price. I am considering making a video review of the product as there aren’t any good ones on YouTube.

  22. Alfred Womack

    Very good! And thank you for the gift. Kind regards.

  23. t. Macleod Sawyer

    Great stuff! One of the better ones ive used.

  24. Carlos Grossi

    Well built, good instructions, easy to use ,tips compatible with other makers.

  25. Mike Locke

    I just received the item and haven’t used it yet

  26. Anthony J Plasencia

    I am a tinkerer. I like working with anything that has basic electronics features. I also rebuild and repair electric guitars. I have gone through quite a few soldering irons in the last 30 years. I needed a work station that was well built, robust and simple to use and which allowed me to control the temperature as related to the task. After reviewing the ratings on YouTube and friends’ advice I chose Sealody.

  27. derrick newby

    Nicely put together .. great craftsmanship

  28. John arinta

    This is the first time i have used a good soldering iron that wasnt a $500 industrial iron i fuckne love jt

  29. Philip Milton

    I have only used your product for a short time but so far works great.

  30. Daniel Suciu

    the price was good ,I hope last long.

  31. Walter Abbott

    Needed to replace an aging Komak 936 solder station. Settled for Sealody station on Amazon based on customer reviews. This solder station heats up quickly with the digital read out showing the temp as it heats up in less than 30 seconds! Much faster and without the cranky noise of my old Komak. Also, I really like the cast metal solder gun holder with stowage for the tip cleaner pad! Once again much better than the Komak plastic holder that melts when the gun touches it.

  32. Michael Bigatti

    The product looks very well made.

  33. Brett Kohler

    The pencils stand is very well built and has a good weight to it. The unit keeps heat well

  34. Danny Benjelloun

    Heats up very nicely. Took a bit of getting used to, but overall I’m very pleased with it.

  35. Nolan Geiser

    Product had nice reviews and looked like the best bang for the buck out of the choices.

  36. Paul Miller

    It was reasonably priced for a unit with a digital display. I’m excited to see everything I will be able to do with it.

  37. Adrian Martinez

    Work very well, just have a question in case I need one more, is there available a pen part number?

  38. Trevor Kruse

    THe product seems really solid heats up super fast I like the way it’s structured. One suggestion is I would warn users to remove the plastic on the iron before turning it on. Because I turned it on not realizing the plastic was on and then I had to scrape off the plastic.

  39. Rod Reeves

    Your product appears to be well packaged and meets all of my requirements for a good soldering station. I have not yet used it but everything seems functional when initially activated. I hope it works as well as it looks. Thanks.

  40. Richard Rios

    Looks like a great sturdy product

  41. WD Wessinger

    Seems to be a well-made product. If it works as well as the reviews imply, it is also a bargain
    product. I look forward to testing it out.

  42. Leonard Holland

    Very happy with the quality and operation of this soldering station.

  43. Jesus Penaloza

    I like how it heats up really fast and the material it’s made out of. It gets the job done every time!

  44. Melvin C King

    I have unsoldered a capacitor on a PC Board with no problem, I do think I need a different tip size which I have selected from your free gift category.

  45. Justin Ngayan

    Pros: this station is very well constructed. It’s a solid unit and even comes with all the cleaning utensils for when soldering things. Being able to adjust the temperature is a nice feature since some things require less or more heat than others.

    Cons: lack of instructions for using the solder itself. I have never used a solder before so when I used this product to try and fix something I had, it was my first time using it. There is a sharp tip that comes with this station that I had no idea what it was or how to use it. I also wish that some led string came with the product but that is not a deal breaker, just a nice feature to add in.

  46. ryan kotyk

    The build quality is solid. I like the weight of the unit as it does not come across as cheap.

  47. Darrell G Flippo

    I like how sturdy and heavy this item fills plus the heat up time is amazing

  48. Todd Myrah

    This is a very well made soldering station that really does the job for the soldering work I do. I really like the design and functionality.

  49. Richard L Jenkins

    None yet, I have not used it enough yet.

  50. jairo vargas

    Very good build quality. Only used it very little time though

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